Artist Statement

Letta Shtohryn investigates the entangled relationship between the physical and digital realm, explores post-human thought, human-nonhuman collaborations and speculates about the future. As a method, Letta employs speculative investigations, storytelling, sci-fi inspired amalgamations, using new media, sculpture, video games, commercial goods and imagery. She engages with layers of “reality” that are at odds with each other as well as investigates social constructs and paradoxes.Being ceaselessly inspired by deception, Letta explores the fine line between truth and myth-making. Often her research-based practice can be found combining the historical and the contemporary looking for the interrelation between the current technology and the early (pre)industrial practices. Letta’s work also explores gender constructs and gender representation, as part of her identity is being a full-time woman.

Selected exhibitions /

A dream of Unfiltered Air  @ Nuit Blache, Paris,FR; Algorithmic Oracle  screening at;
Beforetheydeletethis  online work collaboration with Kat Zavada ; Woman, Holding @ Strangers in a strange land,curated by Unfinished Art Space @Muza, (MT); An Area of some importance (part 2) @ Offsiteproject google maps residency;  Algorithmic Oracle @ VideoVortexXII, by Institute of Network Cultures, Spazju Kreattiv (MT); LisbonLQ1.jpeg @ Zaratan Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon (PT); Object, Objecc, Objetc @SpazjuKreattiv (MT);  Algorithmic Oracle at Vanity Projects (by Daata.Art), Miami, (USA); Little Hell Gate videoplaylist by Daata.Art  at Frieze talks, Frieze Art Fair, New York, (USA);  Dream Catcher group show by Daata x Phillips at The Box @ Phillips, New York, (USA);  An area of some importance at;   Textile Memory  @AIRWRO (Strefa Kultury Wroclaw), Wroclaw, (PL). The Tension of Things Unsaid @ Listastofan, Reykjavik, (IC);Now no longer – Now not yet @ Spazju Kreattiv, (MT)